Anker Power Bank vs. Belkin Power Bank

Able to deliver incredible speeds and enough electricity to charge a full-size laptop, USB-C revolutionized portable power and made it far easier to use electronics when you’re on the go. Today, let’s talk something about Anker power bank and Belkin power bank.

Anker power banks:

Founded by a former Google engineer who prides the company on dependability and convenience, Anker makes a wide range of reasonably priced and feature-packed electronics. Its headphones, for instance, represent some of the best value in wireless audio. It’s made a wide variety of chargers and power banks ever since the USB Type-C standard really took off a few years ago.

Anker power bank pros

  • Extensive selection: No matter what your needs in terms of features and capacity, there’s almost certainly an Anker power bank for you.
  • As dependable as they come: Expert reviews praise their construction and long-term owner reviews rarely report failure. This has been the case since Anker’s initial entry into the portable charger market.
  • Great for phones and laptops: Anker makes a point to deliver power banks that support the most important protocols. For smartphones and laptops that use the Quick Charge and USB Power Delivery protocols, Anker is a great choice.

Anker power bank cons

  • Some are quite expensive: At the high end, a 100-watt-hour Anker power bank with enough juice to run a laptop for hours will require somewhat of an investment.
  • Batteries are heavy: This isn’t exclusive to Anker, but do keep in mind that the lithium cells used in rechargeable power banks are not lightweight by any means.

Belkin power banks:

Belkin has manufactured a wide range of adapters, peripherals and wired and wireless networking solutions for many years. Now, it’s also gotten into the portable power bank game. With such a great reputation in basically every other area, it’s no surprise that Belkin’s power banks are of top quality.

Belkin power bank pros

  • Highly reliable: You won’t ever have to worry about a Belkin power bank frying your sensitive electronics. They adhere to the most common standards and are manufactured using premium components and plenty of quality control.
  • Moderately priced: A quality power bank from Belkin will most likely not break the bank. Even the highest-capacity models cost only around $50.

Belkin power bank cons

  • Poor selection: There simply aren’t many Belkin power banks to choose from. The ones Belkin does offer are great, but few.
  • Limited feature set: You won’t find many advanced features on Belkin power banks. For example, there aren’t any available that can serve as a USB hub in addition to charging computer peripherals.
  • Not suitable for laptops: There are very few Belkin power banks available with USB-C PD outputs above 45 watts. In other words, most of them won’t be able to power a full-size laptop.

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